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teaser of the performance - 2016

  • Tanukis is a polymorph art project investigating the anatomy of virtual avatar.
  • Tanukis is a polymorph art project investigating human/virtual beings relationship.
  • Tanukis is a polymorph art project investigating video game as a medium.
  • Tanukis is a polymorph art project investigating the relation between sub and high culture.
  • Tanukis is a polymorph art project investigating the relation between art, technology and science.

This wiki is a log of all the crooked roads (without improvement) followed since 2013.

Tanuki possesses powerful magical abilities. They are similar to kitsune in their superb ability to change shape. They have a jovial nature, and delight in playing tricks on humans. source: http://yokai.com/tanuki/


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Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF2017)

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https://www.zygote.com, Medically Accurate 3D Anatomy

Automatic Rigging and Animation of 3D Characters, ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 : http://people.csail.mit.edu/ibaran/papers/2007-SIGGRAPH-Pinocchio.pdf

Le Transi de Rene de Chalon - threedscans.com - download

Le Transi de Rene de Chalon animated.gif

made with a medical source: http://dbarchive.biosciencedbc.jp/en/bodyparts3d/desc.html Tmp 22239-514ffdbb-28d8-472f-a82a-26ec7952bb7c1177115483.jpg

  • tanuki_mesh-texture_explosion_001
  • tanuki_mesh-texture_explosion_002
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  • tanuki_mesh-texture_explosion_009